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  • Chronic pain sufferers
  • NBA players
  • National soccer team
  • Olympic athletes

use our Quantum Laser Therapy Device!

“Pain management needs addressing from several ways — often, more than tabletsis required. I have used the TerraQuant® device to successfully treat soft tissue injuries and other musculo-skeletal inflammatory disorders, e.g. tennis elbow. It combines the power of three modalities to treat the conditions and yet at the same time its use remains easy enough for patients to use with excellent instructions.
The TerraQuant® is an ideal unit to use in a General Practice setting, training requirements being kept to a minimum and yet the unit appears very safe to use.”

Dr. Martin Johnson
Ashville Medical Centre, Yorkshire, UK

What is TerraQuant®?

TerraQuant® Quantum Low Level Laser featuring Multi Radiance Technology. The TerraQuant System has added features for clinical use and is an Insurance Reimbursable Laser System!

TerraQuant®is the only noninvasive medical device available today in the world that provides a unique combination of super pulsed laser and infrared, visible red light and magnetic field based on Low Level Laser Quantum Therapy.

TerraQuant® provides preset treatment protocols as well as custom treatment mode. Quantum Therapy is a rapidly advancing new medical technology providing a low-intensity, noninvasive, ecologically safe treatment that combines the impact of diverse close-to-natural electromagnetic radiation on living organisms in order to transform live cells from an unstable state of illness into a stable healthy state.

Quantum therapy at it's best


FDA Approvec

FDA Cleared noninvasive, therapeutic, laser device for professional and home-care environments

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