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Clinical Data & Laser Research

Efficiency of Quantum Medicine Technologies

The following data is based on clinical and case trials.

Applications Total number of patients Results of therapy
Improvement No effect
number of patients % number of patients %
Cardiology 140 6,497 91 643 9
Gastroenterology 9,520 8,854 93 666 7
Pulmonology 14,000 12,460 89 1,540 11
Surgery 7,280 6,334 87 946 13
Rheumatology 5,600 4,816 86 784 14
Neurology 5,600 5,208 93 392 7
Gynecology 980 882 90 98 10
Otorhinolaryngology 4,200 3,654 87 546 13
Dentistry 980 902 92 78 8
Urology 7,000 6,160 88 840 12
Dermatology 280 252 90 28 10
Proctology 3,640 3,422 94 218 6
Diagnosis 3,920 - 76 - 92 - -
Prophylaxis 9,940 3.9 to 5.6 decrease in desease incidence      

Comparative Drug Dosage and Treatment Periods for Conventional and Quantum Therapy

Diseases Reduction in drug dosage Reduction in therapy period Name of physicial source of information
Pneumonia 1.9 times 5 - 8 days Koryushina, Grigoryev, Klin.Med., 1991
Wounds, Burns 2.4 times 2 - 3 days Surgery department, Military Medical Academy
Essential hypertension 3 - 4 times 3 - 5 days Bugayev, In: Use of Laser in Surgery, 1988
Bronchitis Prophylaxis No drugs 76% decrease in morbidity rate Barkt, In: Current Issues of Laser Medicine, 1994
Gastric and duodenal ulcer 2.7 times Drug withdrawal in 60% of cases 6 - 9 days Amirov, In: Proc. 2nd Int. Cont. on Current Issues of Laser Medicine, 1994
Prophylaxis of ear, throat and nose deseases No drugs 89% decrease in morbidity rate Likhayeva, In: Current Issues in Laser Medicine, 1994
Radiculitis, osteochodrosis No drugs 1.7 - 2.2 times Gaidamakina
Ischemic heart desease 2 - 3 times 8 -12 days Babushkina, In: Lasers


  1. Clinical study on the efficacy of the TerraQuant device in the treatment of patients with shoulder problems.
    Dr.Gabi Zeilig, M.D., Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Neurologic Rehabilitation Department, Tel Hashomer, Israel.
    It's reported that the treatment by the TerraQuant device proved to be significantly more efficient than placebo in patients with reduced shoulder range of motion and more efficient than placebo in patients with shoulder pain. The positive outcome of the therapy as well as the lack of side-effects suggests that the Terraquant therapy may be an effective and economical tool in the treatment of pain and reduced range of motion in people with shoulder problems.
  2. Successful management of female office workers with "repetitive stress injury" or "carpal tunnel syndrome" by a new treatment modality — application of low level laser.
    E. Wong G LEE J. Zu CHERMAN and D. P. MASON, Western Heart Institute and St. Mary's Spine Center St. Mary's Medical Center. San Francisco. CA. USA and Head and Neck Pain Center, Honolulu, HL. USA.
    Female office workers with desk jobs who are incapacitated by pain and tingling in the hands and fingers are often diagnosed by physicians as "repetitive stress injury'' (RSI) or "carpal tunnel syndrome'' (CTS). These patients usually have poor posture with their head and neck stooped forward and shoulders rounded; upon palpation. They have pain and tenderness at the spinous processes C5—T1 and the medial angle of the scapula. In 35 such patients we focused the treatment primarily at the posterior neck area and not the wrists and hands. A low level laser (100 mW) was used and directed at the tips of the spinous processes C5—Tl. The laser rapidly alleviated the pain and tingling in the arms, hands and fingers and diminished tenderness at the involved spinous processes.

    Thereby, it has become apparent that many patients labeled as having RSI or CTS have predominantly cervical radicular dysfunction resulting in pain to the upper extremities which can be managed by low level laser. Successful long-term management involves treating the soft tissue lesions in the neck combined with correcting the abnormal head, neck and shoulder posture by taping. Cervical collars, and clavicle harnesses as well as improved work ergonomics.
  3. Effectiveness of quantum therapy on chemo-  and radiation-related complications in children with oncology diseases.
    S.A.Balakirev, Dr..Med.Sci., Chief of the Department of quantum methods in treatment, Reasearch Institute of Children's Oncology and Hematology, Blokhin Russian Oncology Centre, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
    The subjects of the present research were chemotherapy-related complications: aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, vulvovaginitis and radioepithelitis, radiation therapy-related complication.

    In the treatment of aphthous ulcers the effect was noted in 3—5 days from the beginning of the treatment (7—10 days if only medication therapy was applied). The pain relief in newborns was confirmed already in some hours later after the first session.
  4. Efficacy of quantum therapy in prophylaxis of nasopharynx disorders for frequently-ailing children as well as for increase of immunity.
    V.P.Vavilova, M.D., Polyclinical Paediatrics Chair, Kemerovo State Medical Academy, N.K.Perevoschikova, Dr.Med.Sci., Head of Polyclinical Paediatrics Chair, Kemerovo State Medical Academy, Kemerovo, Russia.
    The chronic epipharyngeal infection was the aim of the present study. Such results, as a disappearance of the clinical signs of adenoiditis (p < 0,01); reduction of number of aggravations of chronic adenoiditis and frequency of respiratory diseases in 2,8 times after quantum therapy, indicated that quantum therapy is a safe and effective way of treatment in the cases with frequently-ailing children. Also, patients who were exposed to quantum therapy observed an increase of the common immunity.
  5. Effect of quantum irradiation in the treatment of children with serious burns.
    Evgeny Gatkin, M.D., Moscow Research Institute of Paediatrics and Paediatric surgery.
    The main advantage of the quantum therapy for children with serious burns is that the pathogenic treatment is provided instead of symptomatic one, as such a treatment exerted influence on all the links of pathogenic chain including so-called "Selye-stress reaction", non-specific reaction, which includes all protective mechanisms developed during a long evolution process in mammals and human beings. more (Russian, German)
  6. Quantum therapy in children with intestinal motility at the background of appendical peritonitis.
    Evgeny Gatkin, M.D., Moscow Research Institute of Paediatrics and Paediatric surgery, RF Ministry of Health; A.K.Konovalov, Dr..Med.Sci., Head of Purulent surgery department, Municipal Children's Clinic No.9, RF.
    The aim of this clinical study was to assess the efficacy of quantum therapy in children after appendical peritonitis operation. The basic indication to application of the quantum therapeutic TerraQuant device was the dynamic ileus at the background of appendical peritonitis. The evaluation was performed through the clinical results: appearance of intestinal murmur, going out of gases and stool etc.. These results confirm that quantum therapy may carry out non-invasive influence on intestinal motility. more (German)
  7. Quantum therapy for cystitis: clinical study on children suffering from surgical pathology of urination tracts.
    Evgeny Gatkin, M.D., Moscow Research Institute of Paediatrics and Paediatric surgery, RF Ministry of Health.
    The aim of this clinical study was to assess the efficacy of quantum therapy for children with cystitis. The study was conducted at the Neuro-Urology Department of Municipal Children's clinical hospital No.9 (surgery base of Moscow Research Institute of Paediatrics and Paediatric surgery). The states of children suffering from cystitis at the background of defects of development and inflammatory diseases, were examined after therapy. None of the patients reported any side effects. The study suggests that this method allows to refuse invasive and traumatic method as an instillation of urinary bladder with daily catheterization is. more (Russian, German)
  8. Efficacy of magnetic-infrared laser therapy on the breast reconstruction after mastectomy to treat breast cancer.
    Leonid Gusev, Dr..Med.Sci, Leading specialist of Rehabilitation Surgery Department, Institute of clinical oncology, Russian Oncology Center, Moscow, Russia.
    The beneficial results of the present study were based on major clinical abilities of electromagnetic irradiation in the TerraQuant device: vasodilatation and acceleration of microvessel formation evoked by quantum stimulation. Quantum stimulation of skin blood flow was recognized as a highly effective, safe and economy method which may be applied in various plastic operations. more (Russian, German)
  9. Laser therapy for myofacial painful syndromes in patients with deforming osteoarthrose.
    Prof. G.M.Kapustina, Dr.Med.Sci., Republic Center "ARMENIA", Yerevan, Republique of Armenia.
    The author reports on the effects of laser therapy for myofacial painful syndromes in patients with deforming osteoarthrose. 54 patients (55%) received one course of quantum therapy by TerraQuant device exhibited a reduction of edema and pain syndrome as well as an increase of range of motion in the affected joints and improvement of general state of health. 92 patients (94%) noted the positive effect after second course of quantum therapy in a month, 6 patients (6%) exhibited only a reduction of edema and a reduction in the intensity of pain. more (Russian, German)
  10. Clinical evaluation of laser therapy in peripheral nervous system disorders.
    Prof. G.N.Ponomarenko, Dr.Med.Sci., Leading physiotherapeutist, RF Ministry of Defense, Chief of Physiotherapy training course, Military-Medical Academy, Saint-Petersburg.
    The study focused on vertebral osteochondrosis cases with radicular syndrome and neurocirculatory dystonia of hypertonic type. The assessment of treatment efficacy was conducted according to the author's methods based on Trink's (1984) modality.

    Patients with vertebral osteochondrosis in the experimental group exhibited a statistically significant reduction in the intensity of pain in the lumbar spine and increase range of motion against the patient of the control group who received only pharmaceutical(medication) treatment. more (Russian, German)
  11. Quantum therapy in Paediatrics.
    Prof. S.V.Buliarsky, Dr.of Sc.; Rector on Science; Prof. V.I.Ruzov, Dr..Med.Sci., Prof. A.I.Kuselman, Doc.Med.Sci., Head of Paediatrics chair, Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk, Russia.
    The beneficial results on quantum therapy in the treatment of respiratory diseases, children enuresis, diabetes mellitus, alopecia were presented in the study. The positive effect after quantum therapy was marked in children suffering from different pathologies - from acute inflammatory processes (bronchitis, pneumonia) to allergic diseases (bronchial asthma), chronic auto-immune diseases (alopecia, diabetes mellitus) etc. The results confirm that quantum therapy is an effective tool and is beneficial for the treatment of many disorders. more (German)
  12. Quantum therapy in children and adults with complications after surgical correction for congenital heart disease.
    Prof. V.P.Podzolkov, Dr.Med.Sci, Academician of RAMS, Deputy Director on scientific researches, Scientific Center of cardiovascular surgery, RAMS, Moscow, Russia.
    The quantum therapy of such complications as: a suppuration of post-operation wounds, pressure sores, hydrothorax, chylothorax, purulent mediastinitis, serous-hemorrhagic pericarditis was the main goal of the present study. This clinical study has demonstrated that the best results are obtained using combination/complex treatment. more (Russian)
  13. Study on the efficacy of quantum therapy in the treatment and prophylaxis of certain dental disorders with the help of TerraQuant device.
    V.V.Lutchenkova, M.D., Stomatologist, physiotherapeutist, VOSTOK-MED Company, M.R.Genkin, M.D., Stomatology Company, Moscow, Russia.
    The paper reports the results on the treatment and prophylaxis of several dental disorders: caries, pulpitis, apical periodontitis, diseases of parodontium and mucous shell of oral cavity, stomato-neurology diseases, arthrosis-arthritis temporal and mandibular joints, treatment of decubitus, ulcers, and erosion of oral cavity, pain syndrome after root filling, inflammatory diseases of maxillo-facial area, pericoronitis etc. 2991 dental patients were evaluated. In most cases the patients in the experimental group experienced positive effect after 1—2 procedures of quantum laser therapy by TerraQuant device. Control subjects received conventional pharmaceutical (medication) therapy and the effect was noted by 3—5 days later than in the experimental group.