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Get rid of pain in the comfort of your home!

"I plug the machine in and find that it is actually a model of simplicity to operate. You choose one of five preset programs - each with different pulse frequencies - press the start button and apply the emitter (looks like a shower head) over the affected area. I used the program for wrist pain, and I was pleased to detect a moderate increase in mobility and a reduction in pain. I'd definitely give it a qualified thumbs up."

Arthritis News,
April-May 2005.


Improve quality of your life by performing treatments in the comfort of your home. If you suffer from pain or especially from chronic pain, you will appreciate the convenience and simplicity of using TerraQuant for pain management.

Laser Light promotes healing in many conditions because it penetrates deep into the tissues, transforming a cell from unstable/unhealthy condition! Low Level Laser Quantum Therapy utilizes low-energy and safe electromagnetic radiation that has beneficial effects on both the intracellular and intercellular processes. Laser energy can strengthen damaged cells. Using photochemical processes, laser light inserts bio-photons into damaged cells. The cells begin to produce energy (ATP), which improves their function, assists their division, strengthens the body's immune system, and causes the secretion of various hormones. The tissues are healed, and pain disappears. If damaged cells have died, the bio-photons help the division of neighboring cells, generating new tissues, and thus bring about healing.
  • Low Level Laser Therapy increases the ATP(cell energy) and activates enzymes in the targeted cells.
  • Growth factor response within the cells and tissue as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis.
  • Improved cell proliferation.
  • Pain relief as a result of increased endorphin release.
  • Strengthening the immune system response via increasing levels of lymphocyte activity.

10 Reasons why TerraQuant brings a piece of mind to pain suffers.

  1. Expect Pain Reduction! TerraQuant can significantly reduce pain in 3 to 15 treatment procedures.
    The procedures can be performed once or twice daily or every other day by holding or scanning an emitter on and around painful area.
  2. Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain in numerous trials:
    88% positive effect was demonstrated in the studies conducted for the efficacy in relieving pain caused by arthritis of small and medium joints.
  3. Using TerraQuant is as simple as pressing 3 buttons:
    1) Press "ON" button.
    2) Press a program button (Preset Program 1 or 2)
    3) Press " Start" button. That's all!
  4. You have nothing to lose! Guaranteed or your Money Back!
    2 Years Replacement Warranty! Toll free number for Customer Service and Support!
  5. Thousands of People around the world have used our Quantum Therapy Laser Devices for Pain Reduction!
    TerraQuant Laser can be used by medical practitioner as well as a lay person in home environment.
  6. Certified and completely safe.
    Complies with USA laser product safety standards. TerraQuant has been proven effective for many pain relief indications. It is FDA Cleared for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporary increase of local blood circulation. The CE mark registration certifies of safety and authorized usage of TerraQuant in European Union Countries.
  7. You have nothing to lose! Guaranteed or your Money Back!
    2 Years Replacement Warranty! Toll free number for Customer Service and Support!
  8. Easy purchase plan.
    No more high, ongoing costs.
  9. Worldwide delivery available.
    We will ship worldwide via FedEx fro our US warehouse or from our international distributors.
  10. Unlimited Customer Support.
    Toll free number for Customer Service and Support!