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Choose from five TerraQuant® treatment programs

TerraQuant can be used safely without medical supervision by the individual at home, by a health professional, a therapist at a clinic, or a hospital.

The user can choose between five programs that have been preset for the treatment of different conditions. A program is selected simply by pushing the relevant program number after completion of the TerraQuant® unit self-test. Each program uses different pulse frequencies and has different treatment session durations. Variation of the pulse frequencies alters the depth of penetration of the laser light.

In addition to the four preset programs, the manual mode function enables the user to vary the functions for treatment of specific illnesses. The user can alter the frequency, treatment duration time, pulsing frequencies and removal/addition of modules (there is a choice of IRL (infrared laser) or IRD (infrared) from “OFF” to 100%.)

For all courses, treatment can be continued once a day on each individual point for 12-15 consecutive days. Upon completion of a full course (12-15 days), a further course can be undertaken after a three-day break. Up to 10 courses a year can be completed on each individual point.

When operating
TerraQuant®, always remember that direct or reflected radiation should be prevented from entering the eyes. Use protective eyewear for treatment on face or near the eyes.