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TerraQuant® has been proven to treat pain related to a variety of injuries. Seniors especially find it to be a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments.

"Treatments are safe and can be easily performed by a professional or self-administered by holding the emitter and/or moving it in a circular motion on the painful body section. Numerous randomized double blind clinical trials have showed efficacy of the TerraQuant® Laser Quantum Therapy on various health conditions. 88% positive effect was demonstrated in the studies done on efficacy of TerraQuant® in relieving pain caused by arthritis of small and medium joints. The clinical study involved 140 participants. “Age 84 — This patient had sustained a fractured coccyx several years before and remained very sore. She could not sit straight and not for long. Traveling by car was limited to a few kilometers because of the pain. Analgesics NSAID and acupuncture had no effects.“ The treatment consisted of 12 sessions of TerraQuant® (15 minutes at 5 Hz) over a four-week period. After six treatments, this patient was able to sit straight albeit with bearable discomfort. After 12 treatments, she was pain free and could walk and travel by car without restriction.”

Dr. Remi Guibert MD MSC
Nutech Health
Melbourne, Australia

Compare TerraQuant® to leading therapy modalities

Application procedure
Effect on pain
Requires clinician
Treatment time
Applications per day
Can cause infection
Causes burns/damage
Increases microcirculation
Increases lymphotic flow
Dangers of usage
Insurance reimbursements
TerraQuant® LLLT
Influences pain source
Clinician or self-administered
10-15 minutes for area
Multiple within protocols
Stimulates healing of wounds
FDA determined SAFE
If directed into eyes
Attended modality
Adhesive pads and wires
Masking effect
Generally required
Up to 40 minutes
One is recommended
No open wounds
May blister skin
Heart arrhythmia
Durable medical equipment
Temporary, through heat
Demands clinician
5 to 20 minutes
No more than one
No open wounds
Can overheat/damage
Destruction of tissue
Attended modality