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TerraQuant Quantum laser Therapy
Specifications l TQ Solo Portable
TQ Solo is FDA cleared pain-relieving battery operating device. This compact portable
device gives you the power to relieve both chronic and acute pain.

The TQ Solo is the only handheld portable device with exclusive Multi Radiance Technology™ .
Multi Radiance Technology™ utilizes 4 proven radiances to give your body the ultimate
environment for relieving pain: a super pulsed laser, infrared light, red light, and a static
magnetic field.

Administering effective light therapy is simple with three preset frequencies and an easy
to use pain-relieving guide. Talk to your doctor today to learn more about TQ Solo. You
now have portable pain relief. TQ Solo is compact and lightweight. The rechargeable
lithium battery lasts up to 18 hours so pain relief is always there, when you need it!

TQ Solo is easy as 1 2 3:

1. Locate your treatment area indicated in the pain-relieving guide.
2. Turn on TQ Solo and select the frequency recommended by the pain-relieving guide.
3. Press the start button and press TQ Solo over the treatment area, as illustrated by the
pain-relieving guide.

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